Quick-charge to 100% of sealed maintenance-free water-based batteries in 15-20 minutes.

Charging times shown below are from the 0 point adjusted by the electronics of the electric vehicle to 100% charging level.
[Sealed Lead Acid - 15 min]
[NiCd, NiMH - 20 min]
[Lithium-based: LiFePO4, LiFeYPO4, PANASONIC UF261591 - 20 min]

Mr Attila Szucs - Inventor

Developer electrical engineer, who partly owns more private companies and is working on research and development. He is joint owner of many previous patents and pending patents.

Mr Sandor Csernak - Inventor

Austrian businessman who worked for the chain of his Vienna based trading company (Digitrend Ges.m.b.H.) where his job included the trading and servicing of top quality IT, electro-technical and safety equipment. In 1980 he joined the earlier mentioned colleagues and took part in laser development (Yag laser). Purchasing the top electronic equipment and parts needed for the research were financed by private funds and finances.

Sandor Csernak and Attila Szucs started their private company in 1989. They founded DIGITREND Ltd., a safety technology company based in Budapest.

At the end of the 1990s Mr Balazs Tamas, Mr Sandor Csernak and  Attila Szucs decided - based on a new chemical invention and their own inventions - to come up with a circuit layout and / or equipment which can be used for the boost charging and regenerating of batteries with “closed, attendance-free, fixed electrolyte” (SLA, NiCd, NiMH and LiFeYPO4). After carrying out the necessary research and experiments they built a type of laboratory equipment, a prototype which can prove that the operating principal is right and it can be applied in practice, and the future of demonstrative training can be started at universities, colleges and at high schools.

Mr Jozsef Horvath - Inventor

In 2002 Jozsef Horvath joined the above mentioned colleagues, and he was the owner of Bauker-Vill 2000 Ltd. In the same year they founded the SLA AKKU BT.
Patent applyed on 16.01.2014 at the Hungarian Patent Office. The patent’s title was “Procedure and / or a circuit layout for boost charging of “fixed electrolyte” batteries.
Identifier: 229590

Mr Balazs Tamas - Inventor (R.I.P. 2009)

Mrs Balazs Tamasne - Patent owner
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